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Carpet lovers all over the world, simply find carpets and rugs irresistible. Rugandcarpets.net is a premier terminal to stop by and learn interesting facts and information about all sorts of carpet and rug types. Also, one could get hold of certain myths related to carpeting too. Therefore, while reading through the website below, one can get assisted towards developing fresh new ideas to give a base to his floor decoration requirements. In addition, the portal is directed towards giving a specialized feel of the diverse range of products within rugs and carpets, in vogue today. Therefore, one can enrich himself by gaining beneficial inspiration about various designs and motifs, buying, installing, and maintaining them along with clearing all misconceptions about them.Rug and Carpet, Carpet Fiber Types,Wool Rugs, Silk Rugs, India Rug Carpets

To spare with a starter, it would be feasible enough to provide with the meanings of such meticulously woven examples of art and history. Carpets are types of floor coverings woven with a thick material usually with a plush carpet pile. On the other hand, rugs are similarly decorative material as floor coverings but lack pile.

Before initiating plans to buy a new carpet, the basic idea about how a carpet’s construction is required. In addition, carpet fiber type and its characteristics are also some pre-requisites to be known.

Carpet Fiber Types
In worldwide, carpet industry, carpet manufacturers produce carpets and rugs with the following fiber types:
• Wool
• Jute
• Silk Natural Fibers
• Cotton
• Mercerized Cotton
• Viscose
• Polypropylene Artificial Fibers
• Polyacrylis

Majority of the carpets produced and sold contain one of the above mentioned fibers for carpet pile. Each of the fiber type has its own application, advantages, and disadvantages. Some of them have low resilient power whereas some have some great lustrous and optical effects. Hence, no fiber type is perfect. It’s just that the location type and the climatic conditions plus the traffic decide the carpet type woven. Customers usually look for a carpet or rug which stands sturdy for most of the time. A durable carpet is maintained by its carpet pile. For example, polypropylene (olefin) serves a good option for it. In most of the cases, carpet pile stands for considerable cost differences amongst different fiber types.

Did you know?
While buying a new carpet the customer should ensure the carpet pile thread and the yarn type. Moreover, information on carpet cleaning, crush and mat, fading of color and stain resistance power of the thread used. The carpet pile greatly impacts the carpet performance. Check if the threads are chemically treated or not.

With a small peek-a-boo in history, the description can be made more meaningful yet useful too. Plaited carpets have been rushed through date from the 5th or 4th millennium BC. Originating from central and western Asia as earthen floor coverings, such woven or knotted textile forms have been used as blankets, storage bags, tent doorways and saddle covers etc. Such carpets have also been celebrated as Oriental carpets. In the 16th-17th century, they were imported to European countries too, due to much valuable and artful blend of weaving skills of carpet weavers. Widely popularized due to handmade, they are still hype in Russia. However, the West too, incorporated a blend of such styles and several factories were set up in the 17th century France and 18th century England. For instance, Aubusson and Axminster carpet. Aubusson carpet is a pile tapestry usually hand-woven at the rural areas of Aubusson and Felletin, central France. Axminster carpet was manufactured at Axminster, England in 1755. They resembled the hand-woven skills of France.


Did you know?

Al-Mustaṣim, Baghdad’s last caliph was wrapped in a Persian carpet and beaten to death in 1258. One of the bizarre uses of such luxurious products, this incident effectually enhanced Cleopatra’s introduction to Julius Caesar. She walked out of an unrolled rug in front of Julius Caesar as per documented instances.

Carpet Types based on weave

The following are the carpet types based on the weaving technique:
• Hand-knotted Carpets
• Hand-tufted Carpets
• Hand-woven Carpets
• Braided Carpets
• Namdah
A specialty of Kashmiri carpets, Namdah is the one of the affordable rugs. It varies in size and can be used as floor covering, sofa, throws, wall hangings and even corner mats.
 India Rug Carpets
Carpet Types based on designs

• Afshar Carpets                              
• Antique Carpets
• Bakhshaish Carpets
• Bakhtiari Carpets
• Baluch Carpets
• Bidjar Carpets
• Gabbeh Carpets
• Hamadan Carpets

• Heriz Carpets
• Isfahan Carpets
• Kashan Carpets
• Kashmar Carpets
• Kashmir Carpets
• Kerman Carpets
• Mahal Carpets
• Nepal Carpets

• Nain Carpet
• Oushak Carpets
• Persian Carpets
• Sarough Carpets
• Tabriz Carpets
• Tibetan Carpets
• Turkish Carpets

Carpet Types based on fabric

The carpet fibers mentioned above also pose as a classification type for carpets woven or knotted. Fabric or the thread used to weave the fabric is the same matter discussed before. Other commonly seen carpets are:

Plush carpets: Very densely woven specimens of premium carpets with an even surface and smooth pile.

Textured Plush carpets: Densely woven yet very tightly twisted tufts sported by the carpeting. It reduces foot tracing marks and vacuuming marks too.

Frieze carpets- Kinky fibers tufted which wear well in high traffic areas. More expensive than plush styled.

Sculptured carpets: A high: low appearance due to looped and clipped types of knotting as tufts.

Saxony carpets: Stylishly plush and dense in a sturdy erect configuration. Altogether a rough look.

Berber carpets: A popular looped tufts in an elegant appearance. Preferable is smaller loops for best durability.

Cut-Pile carpets: Not berber but with loops. A similar look of plush but speckled.
Commercial carpets: Such types of carpets are usually used in offices as well as commercial set-ups.

o Level loop carpets
o Multi-level loop carpets
o Low-cut pile carpets

Oriental rugs are a piece of added aesthetic element to the room. Such is the beauty with versatility of these items that possession of such luxury becomes an example of the refined taste of art of the collector. Such beautiful and exquisite masterpieces are stocked by Jaipur Rugs Company. Enchanting silk flower carpets, colorful area rugs, shag rugs, and contemporary rugs and carpets are a specialty. Customized runner rugs, home carpets or rugs as wool rug, round rugs, and kitchen rugs too, can be ordered easily. Exemplary specimens of floor rugs, bathroom rugs, and stylish modern rugs can be bought as new rugs for your homes and offices at various rug sales abroad.




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